Thursday, August 11, 2011

sneak peek into A113.....

today was my first day back in my classroom...i could hardly sleep last night....NERD ALERT!!!!!!! i am going to post more pictures of my "new" classroom, but i wanted to share a little something with you...this is a bulletin board i made for the hallway outside my door...i'm super excited about it!! :)

(the letters are glittered along with some of my favorite books!! :)


  1. Beautiful letters and board!

  2. I love the board and the idea of the facebook "like"!

  3. OMgoodness!!! The facebook like is such a cute idea! Love it!

    I just found your cute blog and I am a new follower of yours :)

  4. Love it!!! I would put this in my room and I'm a high school teacher! (so that's a big compliment!)