she's baaaaaack!!!!!!!!

The inside and outside of my classroom door!!! 'wizard of oz' theme this year!!!

first day of school goodies...highlighters for a
'bright' year...and my first real apple as a teacher!!
what a way to start a school year...happened a
couple days before school started....i miss my car ...

so...i have totally neglected my blogger friends...i am so sorry, but between school,moving,and wrecking my car :( i haven't had alot of free 'blogging' time!!! i promise i will make it up to you!

I wanted to share my classroom photos that i took before school started!!...there have been some changes already...i'll add some photos below of the newest classroom updates!! the link below to view my photos....please leave me some comments on what you think!! :)

extreme make over: glitter edition...classroom 2011 (facebook photo album) CLICK ME!!!

i can't get this picture to rotate...but i love the note so much!! total chaos...over 100 degree weather...and no a/c....

locker tags i made to go with our theme

their name tags for the first day of school and
when we go on field trips...i wrote their names in
the box...and my information is on a label stuck
on the back! :)

their 'GO' books...."getting organized"...thanks for
the 'GO' idea to one of my bloggy friends!

in the door way....

desk we do our heading....and
"writer's eye" mini poster!

quotes and new mirror in the back above sink area!
behavior clip chart

my new classroom library...that NEEDS to be cleaned....but i'm LOVING it this year!! 
my new apartment living room! :)
since i said school, my car wreck, and moving was taking up all of my time....i wanted to share pictures from each of them!!...i am super excited about my new living room makes me so happy every time i walk into my new place....comments are always appreciated!

well this teacher is totally exhausted....good thing tomorrow is friday!! woo hoo!!!...i have a fun weekend ahead...going on a day trip to hico,texas for some junking/flea market shopping with a good friend and teacher friend, emily! (you can find her blog here...a first grade frenzy)

ok i need to stop staring at the computer screen, and need to finish project runway FINALE!!!!!!

until next time....

ollie says good night!!!


  1. Yikes, your car is bad. Are you okay? Your room is amazing! I love to know what your tattle box sign says.

    2B Honey Bunch

  2. Erika...yes i was fine after the car wreck....but i can't say the same for my poor car :( I am now rocking a '99 suburban, looking like a soccer mom! ;)

    I will send you the file this weekend, I am on my work laptop now...and it is saved on my macbook at home! Will you send me your email address? The tattle box has been a LIFE SAVER this year!!!!

  3. I'm glad you're okay! I love the way you have your door decorated and all of the yellow brick roads.
    Ashleigh's Education Journey

  4. What happened to your car? Hmm. You should've brought it to an auto repair shop! Missing a car is probably one of the saddest feelings a person can experience... I understand you.

  5. I love your post. My son had a fabulous first grade teacher (He's 25 now, so pardon my fixedness) but his second grade teacher settled for second grade being a review year (she even told him so) I wish he had you! He is an engineer with a degree from University of Illinois school of engineering (one of the best) and works for Microsoft,so apparently he got over it, but Mom hasn't yet! You have a room full of lucky kids!

  6. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Hi! I love your pics of your classroom. I have an ocean themed room complete with completely blue walls, fish painted on by kids etc....I was wondering how you did your yellow brick road sign in your reading center? I was maybe going to do something like it but with a wave??? Did you use wood and then paint, or is it Tag Board?

  7. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I'm looking for the GO book, what blog was it on originally?

  8. Rachel4:55 AM

    I absolutely love your blog and I was going through your old posts and admiring your classroom. I read that you were going to Hico, TX and I was so shocked. My family lives there and I love that little town but most people have never heard of it before. I just wanted to stop by and say that. Love all your posts and I am getting some great ideas for when I'm a teacher soon. Thanks.

  9. I love your blog! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Head over to my page to grab it: