Saturday, March 10, 2012

not teacher related...i love instagram/social media.

this post is totally not teacher related...but oh well, right?? i just found this awesome site to 'showcase' your instagram photos....way cool!!!

i am addicted, obsessed, and all of the above with instagram...i think it is so fun to tell a story of 'you' through photos.

so check out my instagram photos and please let me know what you think!!!!!!!!!!!

sophieglenn's instagrams photos

now off to watch jonah hill and the shins on SNL...and remember...
no matter how annoyed you might be with all my posts...
i'm going to keep posting. sorry. :)


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  1. LOVE the blog! I'm sure I'll be stopping by quite often to ask for some teacher advice! Thank you for following me! I'm now following you as well!