pom poms galore. it is that time of year again...DIY!!!

for it to be needs to say hobby lobby.....

thought that would be the perfect way to start off my first DIY post for the beginning of school...I cannot believe that my summer is almost over!!!...I think it went by even faster this summer....but I say that every year....

this summer was one of the best yet....i got to travel alot, see LOTS of family, catch up with lots of my friends, relax, shop, do nothing, read, pretty much everything that i don't have as much time for during the school year!! it was absolutely fabulous!!

here are some pictures from my instagram (obsessed) to give you a glimpse of my summer....
seagrove, florida

i was able to catch up on my jewelry sales! made by sgk. 
lake time with mariel! good friend from NHE!

not so my wisdom teeth out....

with my cousin hannah and her adorable pup chase in kentucky
wedding in austin!! showing off our bling (ring pops)!! with my wonderful co workers.
the bride!! tricia...with the sign i made her for her wedding!
she is another good friend from NHE (school)!!
more of my bracelets.
a fav shot while in louisville kentucky
pool time while visiting family in bowling green, kentucky

my mom and i at red bar.
fav restaurant in seagrove area.

my dad and i in seagrove, fl


visiting family in louisville, kentucky!!

whew! that was alot of pictures...hope you enjoyed a little glimplse into my life!! now for the first DIY project i have done for this school year so far...

tissue paper & glitter...what else? haha
tissue paper pom pom balls!! i have been pinning them on pinterest for months now and decided they would at some pizazz in my classroom!!

what you will need...
-tissue paper (at least 10 sheets for each ball)
-thin wire

Here are the directions for the pom poms....

1. Choose a pack of tissue paper/color that you would like. 
2. Make a stack of about 10 sheets. If the tissue paper is square shaped, you need to cut it to be a rectangle...square will not work.
3. Start folding starting on the shortest side, accordian about 1-2" folds, until the entire stack is folded.
4. Wrap a small thin wire around the middle of the stack to secure it.
5. Trim the 2 ends so they are rounded instead of straight.
6. Beginning on one end, separate each paper one at a time from the stack...pull the pieces of tissue towards the middle wire....pull very gently so it won't tear!
7. Once you've done one side, start on the other side BUT start separating the tissue from the opposite side. ( if you started pulling from the top on your first side, then on the 2nd side pull from the bottom) 
8. Then fluff and you'll have yourself a pom pom!!!

It is super easy, and doesn't take long once you've got the hang of it!!
The larger your sheets of tissue paper, the larger your ball. And vice versa!
these are my finished pom pom balls!!
i hope you enjoyed my first DIY post for the new school year....more to come!! until is a little inspiration from me to you...
found this in a cute little paper shop while visiting an old friend.


  1. I live in Bowling Green, KY!

    Your tissue pom-pons turned out great. I attempted to make one and threw it in the trash. Pinterest fail.

  2. redinparis8:28 AM

    LOVED reading your latest post!!!!!

  3. aunt kathy8:24 PM

    so fun reading your posts and checking out your latest ideas!

  4. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Stupid'd you add the glitter? :)

  5. I am making those for my classroom too! I guess this is the "new" Thing. - Jessica

  6. Cute pom-poms! I made some myself a few weeks ago and dying to hang them up in my room. I also teach in Texas :)


  7. I really want to read that book (white girl problems)

    Life of Ally

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Lovely pom poms ! These paper pom poms are so cute and adorable! !

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