what if MLK had an instagram!?!?! wait WHAT did you say?!?!

raise your hand if you love martin luther king jr.?!?!?! (hand raised high) 
raise your hand if you love instagram?!?! (hand raised high)
how do they go together, you ask??? 
to help celebrate one of my favorite historical figures in class on friday, we went back in time to the 1960s....but we took a little piece of 2015 with us....SMARTPHONES.  
 i asked my kiddos, "what if martin luther king jr. had a smartphone in the sixties? what would he find important or inspiring enough to post on his instagram account??" should have seen their was somewhere between...."is she serious?!" .... "this sounds cool.".... "ok i'm excited, i think?!"
once i explained the template (picturesn above) they got with their partner to start brainstorming what they were going to document for martin's instagram with our ipad minis.
-it had to be appropriate (duh)
-it had to go along with what martin stood for.... freedom, peace, the end of segregation, etc....
-they were able to come up with his account name, the location of where the picture was taken (based on where major events took place in history), how many likes their post received, what martin's caption/comment to the photograph, hashtags, and then they had to come up with two other historical figures from that time period to also comment on the photo.
-the hashtags had to be relevant and appropriate
here are some examples of their finished products!!! i wish i could post all of them....but some had their faces in the photo...and you know....that is a no no for me to post! soooo enjoy!!!


i was BLOWN away with all the thought, effort, creativity, hard work, teamwork, and all of the above during this project!!! one of my favorite activities to date.

so how do you MLK in your classroom?!?!?!
this is how i MLK on my day off....pedicures and grading! #lifeofateacher

until next time..... xoxo 


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