i get by with a little help from my...."things"

i was just sitting here thinking about going back to work tomorrow....then started thinking about all of the "things" that i have to HAVE every weekday or else i might as well get back into bed because my day will be "unbalanced" and "off" i thought it would be interesting to make a list of my "must haves" that get me through the workday....i am a little embarrassed that i NEED some of these just to make my day feel "right", but oh well it makes me happy, and it's who i am!!!

so here it goes....

1. i need my horrible iphone alarm tone to wake me up every morning, or i will have 20 lonely, teacher-less  students at iphone also serves as my window to the outside world throughout my day (of course only during 'break' times). when my kids are doing something that i want to remember/document/have as a memory/the list goes is so handy to just pull out snap a couple pictures, or take a quick video clip of it. (which i am trying to do more of because at the end of the year, i want to make a video of our school year together for each of my students.) 

2.  this is a BIG "must have"....MUSIC. i have to have some type of music playing at all times throughout my day. which most of the is the beatles, duh. my goal at the beginning of the year was to have "good day sunshine" playing each day when the children arrived, but sadly i think i can count on one hand how many times that goal has been accomplished. on the other hand, more than half of my class can now name all 4 beatles....not bragging or anything... haha :)

3.   i  look forward to picking out my 'daily ensemble' every morning...this may seem either A) stupid  B) corny C) snobbish D) really fun or E) all of the above
...if you chose D, we should become but listen, here is my mom always told me growing up, "you feel how you look"...and that really is true, the days that i am running late and look all sloppy...i feel tired and sluggish (which i know is all in my head), but that is why i think it is really important to look your best because that is when you have more confidence and you are happier....i know that's the case for me!!!
....if you know me at all, you are probably thinking CLARKS is on your list?? WHAT??...the rumors are true, some of my favorite pairs of shoes are now clarks. it is official...i'm a teacher.

 if i wasn't educating young minds, i would probably be doing something in fashion...but i'm not so....i'll stick with my clarks and early morning ensemble decisions.

4.  which brings me to #4 my caffeine addiction....i know i know, it is not good for me, but i have to start off my day with either my starbucks skinny vanilla latte, or some home-brewed coffee....on the days that i don't have my coffee glued to my hand in the kids know somethings up!! then after lunch i'll have a coke zero in my texas tech coozie glued to my hand (which i am trying to be healthier and stop drinking coke zero and switch to green tea). i'll let you how that goes....hahaha

5.  mr. sketch markers and flair pens pretty much just make me happy. if we are making a poster, anchor chart, if i am writing a note home, a to-do list, or writing up on the dukane.....i HAVE to be using my colorful markers/pens for the sole purpose of just flat ou making me happy. everything is just more interesting, entertaining, and pleasant when it is colorful....i'm sorry if you don't agree, because your life must be pretty 'black & white'....

 6. i know the year is 2011 and i should be more "green" and have an online calendar, or use my ical...but nope sorry i can't. i have to write my birthdays/important dates, appointments, meetings, and most definetly happy hours (hahaha) down in my old fashioned calendar and have it with me at all times. it is also full of my many "to-do" lists, that i make daily, you know the ones that  half of the time you don't even look at again....don't lie...i know you all do that too, not just me. 
also, i couldn't get through even just half a day of scholl without my lesson plan binder...that is either glued to my dukane cart or my desk....i would be lost without it. i mean with all the time that my teammates and i put into making one every better be used religiously, right???

well that concludes my list of "must haves"....i hope you found it entertaining....i would love to read about some of your daily "must haves"!!! 

until next time,


  1. I'm so happy I found your blog. :)

  2. Can I just say that I LOVE reading your blog? :) I feel like we have very similar taste... and gotta love 2nd grade! Thanks for being inspiring.


  3. Hi! I stumbled on your blog via Pinterest and just read about your unfulfilled desire to have the Beatles playing every day when the kids come in. I, too, love using music in the classroom and thought I'd give you this suggestion. Download a talking alarm clock widget for your computer desktop like this one:
    and you will never have to remember again. I am fortunate enough to have my computer attached to the sound system in my room, so I set up a different song for the change of every class period. I even use the sound effects like doorbells, etc. to remind us of band lessons, speech appointments, etc. That way I can concentrate more on teaching and less on the clock. Hope this helps!