“creativity is contagious. pass it on.” -einstein

"I would go absolutely anywhere I heard there was something creative happening."            -andy warhol
this quote is so each and every way. which is why tomorrow is going to be such a fun day in second grade!!!....why???....we are going on a "creativity hunt" throughout our school to wrap up our "let's create" theme in language arts. here is a sneak peek.....i'll post more pictures and printable files this weekend!!!

...look what one of my students brought to school for me yesterday, my heart melted when he carried it in the room....a homemade peace sign, filled with some of my favorites....(see i need to cut back on the coke zero, haha) do you think he knows me well??? :) Obviously, our creativity theme has rubbed off of my kiddos. another example of why I love my job so much.....

anyways....happy friday....check back for more ideas, pictures, and printable's this is another "andy warhol-ism"  for you...everyone should live by this, you'd be alot happier at work, i promise!!

"I'm just so busy ... not working, but busy playing, because work is play when it's something you like." -andy warhol

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  1. i wish you were my teacher. even at 23. well, i guess you kind of are; i HAVE started incorporating more and more "sophie-ish" clothing articles into my attire. does that count?