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I wish I could say that I came up with this incredibly cute idea, but I did not. There were 4 teachers chosen at my school to go on a "business" trip to the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA. Here's the link to the schools website...I would try to explain it, but I know I wouldn't do it justice on how cool/amazing it really is!!.... ---> check out the RCA 

Right before we went on break, while walking down the hallway to various places in the school... p.e. , lunch, music, library, you know the important places...ha ;). I noticed children with buttons on their shirts that said, "Ask me what I made on Ms./Mrs. _______ TEST!!!" They could only be wearing those buttons if they made a 100% on the test. Teachers were stopping those children all day in the hallway asking them what they got, giving high fives, and getting the chance to tell them what a great job they did. Their faces were lighting up so brightly when they got to tell anybody and everybody in the school that they made a 100% on their test. To see just how proud they were of their accomplishment was priceless.
I loved this cute idea so much, that I had to make my own button for my for my class.... 

Here are my buttons that I made on Friday.....

 Here is a close up of the buttons...

Even though I am sad that my first break is coming to an end....I am so excited to get back to the classroom and see all my students (hopefully) smiling faces on Wednesday!!! :) 

Also, 5 of my students get to wear my new buttons on Wednesday when we get back to school for a Math assessment they took on Thursday before break (yes, a test right before break!!!...we are hard workers!)

So THANK YOU to those teachers who brought back this idea from the Ron Clark Academy...I can't wait to learn and implement more of the fun/cool things you all learned there!!! :)

until we meet again,
miss kranz

Here is how I made mine....
- I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the large plastic buttons (you can pop off the back to them and fill them with your own paper), I also bought colorful scrapbook paper to them on. Next, I typed "Ask me what I made on Miss Kranz's Test" in a cute font (I'm all about the fonts) in a Word Document, and  printed that on the scrapbook paper. Then I used the back of the button to trace a circle around the words, and cut out all my circles. Lastly, I popped the circles inside the buttons.
anddddd there you have it ladies and gentlemen....your very own buttons for your kiddos!!!


  1. ahhhhh!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! as soon as I can get to a craft store I will be purchasing some buttons!!!

    (do you let the kiddos keep them? or are they temporary for the day?)

  2. This is such a cute idea!! I LOVE celebrating the awesomeness in my classroom! :)

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  3. I just made these for my hopefully soon to be classroom, I just graduated. This is similar to smart beads I used in my classroom during internship, but I love using this for grades! Thanks for the great idea!

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  5. All your crafts are so cute... and perfect for English Language Teachers... Thanks for sharing...

  6. I was looking at your classroom pictures and I don't think you realize how cluttered it looks to students and others...way too much stuff...simplify!