think different.

I just came across this video on a friends tumblr site, and thought it was pretty amazing. If you know me at all, then you would agree that this video fits me pretty well...(am i right???)...  that is basically what I set out to do in my life.... become a teacher who makes changes and a difference in children's lives, and in the world. (baby steps, right??)

my goal for tomorrow is to blog some of my new projects I am working on, so be on the lookout!!!

also, something to think about....

this picture says it all.....

i'm pretty sure i did this maybe 40% of the time when i was little.... ok ok ok like 75%...oooopps....  i also posted this because...welllll, i love andy warhol....

Okay, well I hope you enjoyed my late night inspirations. (I know i did....)

xoxo, miss kranz

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