a month has gone by? neglect? what?

wow!!...i have neglected my poor blog this past month...hopefully i can manage my time better after my much needed fabulous spring break....i made a (long) list of things that i need to do better on an everyday basis...i still consume myself into my classroom,children,lessons, etc...which is goooooood...BUT on the other hand, everything else in my life i tend to neglect....which is not so gooooood. i'll let you know how it goes...ha ha ha.

today is the end to such a wonderful week...i was able to visit family in bowling green, ky and one of my best friends from my childhood (we met in 2nd grade and still going strong!) in nashville, tn where she moved with her husband!....more stories/pictures to come to give you a glimpse into my trips, but i have to finish my esl writing grading test...whoops (an other example of me neglecting something).

i wanted to share my lastest diy project i did yesterday afternoon...i'm really excited about how they turned out!
i decorated clothes pins.

the finished product! ribbon, fabric 'flowers' (from hobby lobby),
vintage buttons from my mom's collection, and clothes pins!
now off to do my esl work stuff...ugh. how i wish i wasn't such a procrastinator. hopefully the dave matthews pandora station can help me through this.


  1. aahh!! so cute... I might have to copy.
    Thanks for sharing


  2. What do you use them for? I like them, but I'm wondering what they are??

  3. I now follow your blog!

  4. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Love the clothes pins, they are sooo cute! :-)

  5. What clothespin cuteness. I've used buttons before, but the fabric flower accent is adorable.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  6. thanks everyone!!!

    towards the end of the school year i still didn't know what to use the cute clothespins i put up some rope in the hallway up high...and used them to clip the kiddos work to put on display! turned out super cute!