andy warhol. inspiration.

"I'm just so busy ... not working, but busy playing, because work is play when it's something you like." -warhol
when i am looking for inspiration....i look for the perfect song, quote, magazine article, blog, or look over my favorite book that has highlighted sentences/paragraphs from beginning to end.

tonight i ran across alot of andy warhol quotes that inspired obviously i'm going to share them with you....and hopefully they will inspire you to do something great this weekend....
"I would go absolutely anywhere I heard there was something creative happening."-warhol
"You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you." -warhol
 "It's not what you are that counts, it's what you think you are." -warhol
'sophie warhol'
this is a cover of an art book i made. if you can't tell its
a glittered black frame on top.

"If you feel you have nothing to lose, then there's nothing to be afraid of." -warhol
"You have to do stuff that average people don't understand, because those are the only good things." -warhol

if my warhol findings didn't help excite you, i'm sorry...but it is time for this teacher to go to bed (watch law&order svu or criminal minds) after my longgggg 12 hour Thursday.

what do you do to find inspiration??? 

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