breaking news!!!!!!

day 33 of 100 degree or over weather...doesn't stand a chance against my breaking news tonight!!! haha ;) well probably not...but we'll pretend (right?) anyways, i am proud to present my very FIRST google doc to share with all my bloggy teacher friends!!! i mean, in my opinion this is long over due...i am so thankful for all the inspiring ideas/documents you all so graciously share on your blogs ....i wanted to give back and do the same!!

so here's the deal....i wanted to share my new behavior clip chart i created back in june!! I did a color pocket chart last year, and for 'lack of better words' sucked!!! colors just didn't do 'the job' for room A112....

when you open the pdf in google'll see there are 8 slides....i only used 7 of them (i couldn't delete without losing the whole document...technical difficulties..) and slide 9 & 10 are down room comes before phone call home.

here is a low down on how it works and the order to put it together in:

- Good Day- this is the level you can move up to for outstanding behavior!!
- Falcon Pride- this is the level that everyone starts their day on (falcon=our mascot)
- Reminder- this is the 'warning' level...i just like the way reminder sounds better than warning...
-5 minutes of physical activities- this sounds harsh, but it really isn't....instead of sitting out 5 minutes of recess...they will walk 'laps' or do a few jumping jacks during their 5 minutes. i think it is much more proactive to have the kiddos moving A) to release energy B) for their mental and physical health.
- 10 minutes of physical activities- i deleted this level...i'm not running a boot camp here!
- Sit alone at lunch- i have the kiddos sit at the middle table during lunch time if they make it to this level...harsh i know, BUT if my kids made it to this level... they rarely did again! some times all they need is some 'me' time!
- Cool down room- i loveeeee this level!!! why, you ask?? I'll tell you...
  • you 'partner' up with another teacher on your hall, BUT in another grade level. you set a designated area in the other room for the student to go when they need the 'cool off' room. the first week you will take your class to the classroom to show where the cool off area is (when your 'partner' is at specials, lunch, etc.) what to do when you come in...this helps make them more comfortable, and avoids 'that' BIG scene for you and your kiddos...This is what you need to have in that area...a desk with a couple things inside... a timer (for how long they need to stay), 'stop & think' worksheet (it is a document i created that gives the student the chance to write down what happened and how they feel....i will dig this out of my files ASAP), and grade level appropriate work. then when the time allotted is up, they come back to the room! this is great because if the particular student is having a hard day and makes it to this level, then they obviously want some time alone to cool off....and it gives the teacher time to cool off before you reach your 'level'. I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction...promise!

- Phone call home- i think this level speaks for itself!

after all this rambling, do you even want to see it??? yes?? i knew it!! 
all you need to do it  click the picture below!! enjoy.
i will post a picture of the finished clip chart next week, but i wanted jazz it up a bit (obviously) i glued the print outs on different colored scrapbook paper, then taped it together in order vertically, and finally laminated for durability!! 

if you have a question, concern, or want me to customize something on the chart for you... don't hesitate to ask! just comment below or email me!!!

i would love to know...was this at all helpful???

i hope my breaking news was all that you hoped it would be! ;)


  1. This is awesome! I've a similar system but with colors and sayings "good on green", "rethink on red", "proud on purple", etc.

    I have to say, that little man on the icon you made (with "WOW" in his mouth) reminds me of the pic of you in your header! HA!

  2. LOVE your cute blog!! We're new followers!!
    -Jackie and Danielle-

    Sister Teachers

  3. love this girl! stay cool in the heat, i hope it breaks soon! there's actually a power outage over near fort worth...ick!!

  4. Love your blog. I just became a follower.

  5. I'd love to see your clip chart....I just finished mine withe some pinterest inspiration! I am a new follower! You can head over to mine, I just posted pics of my new chart!


  6. Hey Miss Kranz!
    Just stumbled across your blog! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chart. I love the idea of some children being able to move "up" when their behavior deserves it, but there are several levels of consequences before you have to call home. I have a rather challenging class this year, and I think this would work perfectly. Can you do me huge favor? Can you change the "falcon pride" page for me to say "Ziegler Pride" with a picture of an Eagle on it? I really appreciate it! Your ideas are fabulous!