day 32 of over 100 degree weather means....crafts in A/C.

here is a glimpse into my suffering... 32 days of this?? REALLY? no. it is awful. swimming isn't even enjoyable anymore...you might as well go take a hot bath. anyways enough of my complaining...one good thing about the unbearable heat is...i am forced to stay cool inside, which means i am doing craft after craft.

the craft i am going to share with you today is...my new wreath for a new school year! it is VERY easy to make and all you need to do is make a trip to your nearest hobby lobby...ok? go now. no really...(it is now my home away from home, i think they are starting to know my name...maybe i should slow down???)
  • here is what you need.... 
a plain wreath
wooden letters to spell out your name
this is what i used to make the
polka dots...i recommend using thick
white paint

any color paints you want...i recommend the
folk art brand...
clear high gloss spray
so now, use the paints you chose and put them in a pattern you like so you know what color you want each letter. i would paint the letters with 2 coats each, and then let dry. next you use the flat circle foam stamp to stamp out your polka dots....let the polka dots dry...then use your high gloss spray and spray all your letters, until they are super glossy!

now plug in your hot glue gun and glue your painted letters onto the wreath how you want them...and you've got yourself a SUPER cute new wreath for your new school year! :)

my finished project! :)
stay cool in this heatwave!


  1. super cute! what a great idea - love the bright cheery colors!


  2. Such a cute idea! I love how you did the polka dots :) I'm working on a crayon wreath right now and another project with wooden letters....look for it on my blog within the next few days! :)

  3. SO adorable! This is definitely going on my to do list.

    Adventures in Kindergarten

  4. I LOVE this!! I totally forgot you live in Texas too...this heat is killer! I tried spray painting in my garage last week, and I had to move my project inside so it could cool properly.

  5. That is ADORABLE!! I see some crafting in my future... Your blog is full of fabulously cute ideas!

  6. so cute!

    it is miserable here too in mississippi.. i am ready for fall!

  7. I am going to go to the store tomorrow to make this wreath! So Cute! I am in Rockwall and yes it is hot here in TX!

  8. Love your wreath and just made one for myself and a co-worker. Just curious how you display your wreath at school? I'm unable to hang an over the door wreath hanger since it scratches the door frame so I'm looking for suggestions. Thanks for the cute idea--it was fun to make and so cute!