another post about new years...A113 style.

i know i said i wasn't a big resolution person...but walking to my apartment after school tonight...oh wait did i say after school...sorry i meant after TRAFFIC!!!! grrrr it was so bad... anyways....while i was walking to my apartment from my car tonight....i decided my 'teacher' new years resolution is to bring less stuff to and from school...i mean come on i look like a bag lady everyday....take a look for yourself...and this is on a 'good' day....
complete with binders, projects, papers to grade,
teacher edition/other books for planning,
school laptop.....and much much more.
today was the first day back for the is a glance into our classroom on how we celebrated 2012!!! (thanks to my blogger friends for the inspiration/documents!!!)
banner for the door way...from tom kat studios...the tom kat studio
i had these pencils with these cute flags on them...waiting for the kiddos
on their desks....
{Thank you PINTEREST!!!!}

I'm going to be honest here....sometimes i spend time making cute goodies for my class and i get sooo excited about it...and i usually get bummed after i give it to them because they weren't even half as excited as i was. BUT.....NOT today!!! was only a pencil with a little saying on it...and their faces lit up and they all smiled so big. it made me the happiest teacher ever.

We talked about what a new years resolution is...and then brainstormed our own class resolutions...which was so much fun to hear all their cute/hilarious/serious/adorable/wacky ideas...i wrote them all down on a chart for us to post in the hallway outside our classroom door...then we each decorated a 'person' to look like us along with a new years party hat...andddd construction paper hair...duh!!! here are some pictures of how they turned out...i think they are way cool....i just love kids art, it is the best.

{Thank you "Step into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons for these cute 'people' templates!!}
miss kranz's 2nd grade new years resolutions!!!!

here are some of them up close and personal....

i took it this way so you can see... she "curled" her hair!!!

and mine of course...hahaha
and last but not least they left school today with this.... they were so stoked. Thank you "2nd Grade Shenanigans" for your AWESOME idea!!!

{ on a side note: }

here are some reasons why it was 'hard' to be back at work alarm going off at 5am...not being able to stay in my pjs  until noon if i wanted....lounging around my apartment....ok enough enough.


here are my reasons why i wouldn't have it any other way. seriously. i wouldn't. 

it's things like this...
this is a note i received from one of my students
last year...yes i saved it....yes it is framed....and yes it is
hanging in my apartment.
here is the other reason....

i love music and i love children's books...put them together and've got me!!....well one of my students was reading this particular book which is the lyrics to 'forever young' (LOVE IT)...she was reading it out loud...and didn't know i was listening...but man o man, it was the best watching/listening to her read this book. it made my day.

ok enough of my rambling...all in all it was a great start to 2012 in A113 today!!!

xoxo, miss kranz


  1. I gave your blog an award, come check it out! =)

    Third Grade in the First State

  2. Hi there! Just found your blog. I love it, especially all the peace signs--love them! ;) I love those new years pencils for the kiddos--TOTALLY doing that next year!

  3. You have to be the most awesome teacher ever!!

  4. Just found you via pinterest, and had to comment on this. Have you heard of Duke Ellington's jazz version of the Nutcracker Suite? There's an accompanying children's book now, too!

    I know the season has passed, but it's too good not to share!


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