a new year? what?! 2012.

my winter break is now coming to an end...i do have to say that it was one for the books! getting to spend time with family and friends...and finally able to spend some time in my apartment!! it was a much needed break. here are some of the highlights through pictures...
my new coffee table!!! you know you are getting older
when you ask for a coffee table for christmas!! :)
my living room 'frame wall' added a santa hat for the holidays.

my christmas wreath i made...sad to take it down.
any suggestions on what color ribbons to use next?

homemade chex mix by sophie YES please!!
i was able to have my first apartment dinner party!!

i am now officially obsessed with my apple tv that i
got for christmas from my sister and b

spruced up my closet lamp shade! :)

spending time with some of my favorite friends!
amanda and meg!

more of my favorite people. adrian (we have been friends since 2nd grade!!)
and her boyfriend hunter!!

my nephew is the next ringo starr!!
more friends! meg and john...i miss you guys!

wreath i made for my mom!
best friends.

my niece stella is now out!!!!

pinterest project!!....nail polish on your keys.

did i mention i celebrate christmakkah??? because i do! :)

new years eve with miss stephanie geddie

new years eve with miss emma golden!!!

 speaking of new years....i don't really make 'resolutions' but i saw this kate spade print and i'm going to say those are some words for me to live by this year....and also to...
continue trying to  make the best choices possible for my life. 

and always remember this....

happy 2012 everyone. this is going to be the best year yet....i can feel it. 

now off to organize, clean, finish projects, and enjoy my apartment as much as possible before it is back to reality tomorrow!!


  1. Looks like your Christmas break was an exciting one! I'm sad to see it end as well. I'm with you on the resolutions.. Mine for the year 2012 is to be happy!

  2. Sophie,
    You are truly an inspiration! I love, love the Kate Spade print and may adopt it as well! Remember you can NEVER have too much color in your life!!! Have a wonderful 2012!!!! Hugs!!!
    Oh btw, I have a wonderful pinata and a fish net if you are interested. I will drop it by your parents house....:-)kim o.

  3. Those keys are fantastic! I painted mine last week :) I had pinned your photo and used it as my "pinspiration" for my How Pinteresting series. It goes live tomorrow morning so you can check it out. I linked back to you. Thanks for the cute idea!!

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