21 valentines???

heart day card via 2008

i hope everyone had a wonderful heart day this year... i am not usually a big fan of february 14th, but this year i think i'm going to like it more and more...getting to decorate the classroom for the kids, seeing how excited they are, all the fun themed activities leading up to the valentines day party (that our wonderful room mom's put together for us), and of course having 21 valentines. 
the kiddos had a blast, and i was the day was definitely a success!

these are my 2011 heart day cards...yes i used the same song...but its a perfect song, wouldn't you agree???...i think the 2011 card got a little bit more 'classy'... i had so much fun making these for my family and friends/co-workers! :)

more pictures to come of our heart day activities, valentine bags, and a glimpse of our be on the lookout.

now i must get back to my 'hott date' cards.....

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  1. I found when teaching primary, valentine's day is one of their biggest days. when asking my kids what their favorite part of 2nd grade, I was shocked at how many said valentine's day!