4 snow days and a project.

just to give you some background information....dallas way no how....ever ever ever cancels school due to 'inclement' weather....why you ask?? i have no clue...because when the weather forecaster  e.g. pete delkus (because he delivers) come on and says, "there might be a wintery mix on the way"... dallas shuts down, but the school district never does. we always brave the storm for education. BUT not this time around....we were granted 4 full snow days, and it was amaze....until i needed out of the house..... here are some pictures to enjoy....

you never.ever. see this in dallas. REAL snow.

just because. its texas.

this is when i realized i needed out of the house, and
missed my job....i was wearing a beret and
dressing my dog up in burberry.
on snow day #3....i decided that i had watched enough law&order svu, criminal minds, and sex and the city; they all always have marathons...and its hook line and sinker for sophie. anyways...last weekend i bought little valentines to make for my kiddos, so i thought this would be the perfect time to fill them out because 'normal no snow day sophie' would wait until the last minute to fill them out and my mom or sister would have to help. (i start WAY too many projects at a time, for those of you who don't know me)

here  they are in all their glory....

ok, this is the card that each kiddo will mom and i found them at this AMAZING store, paper source at northpark. if you like scrapbooking, cards, stationary, funny/fun gifts, stamps, and/or creating in anyway shape or form...i advise you to go now. 
I wrote each students name on the card with small note... 'my favorite thing about you' are some examples if you were wondering are always sweet to are a great are a wonderful are a fabulous writer....i think you get the point. BUT each student has a different note.

then.... these are the envelopes i stamped and wrote their name on the outside in pink (i'm obsessed with stamps by the way).

this is the final project together....they don't look like much...but i'm pretty excited about them....and hey, they are better than the 'hello kitty' ones i would have bought from target, right??
i am also going to make them bags with their name on play the part of the 'valentine mailbox', so they can deliver cards during the class party....also, we are very lucky in second grade with parent support this year, and they will have a present for each child to go home with....but since i am an excited 1st year teacher i wanted to get them a little something from me....they will each get one of my 'home made' cards, a fun valentines day pencil, and of course the ever popular conversation hearts.

so all in all that is what one of my snow nights consisted of....also finding like 30 (not an exaggeration) new centers, activities, worksheets, etc... for the kiddos to enjoy when we finally get back to school. yes thats right, sophie said FINALLY...working was never 'my thing'...but we won't get into that now...just know.... i'm obsessed with it now, so good thing i love my job! 

that's all i have for you today, hope you enjoyed....i know i enjoyed history in the making during my 4 dallas snow days this week....stay warm.

i ventured out today for lunch with one of my good
girlfriends....this was out the window of where we
were lunching. my favorite flowers.

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  1. the store-bought valentine's my good friends (including you) will be receiving this year make me feel so incredibly ashamed after seeing this.

    it also makes me even more depressed that i have a blackberry that seems to be missing normal cellular functions.

    here's to blogging!